Gael Mauleon

Linux System Administrator / Project Manager


Rival Knights

IPhone/IPad/Android 2014 - Producer

A freemium game where you joust for glory against Dukes and Lords... As well as brag and curse while playing against your friends.


Monster Life

IPhone/IPad/Android 2012 - Producer

A cute little freemium game where you raise your monsters in order to win the combat against the force of chaos :)


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

IPhone/IPad/Android 2011 - Producer

Gangstar is back in Rio de Janeiro. Leveling system, tanks, interiors, followers and full facial animated cinematics were some of the new features of this third Gangstar game.


Dungeon Hunter Alliance

PSN 2011 - Additionnal Producer/Closer

The adaptation of Dungeon Hunter IPhone for PSN (Online). I helped a short time on the project to close it.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication

IPhone/IPad 2010 - Producer

Sequel to the first Gangstar on IPhone, this last release featured bikes, helicopters, boats and a lot of improvements.


Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

IPhone 2009 - Producer

The first GTA like in 3D with a third person view to be released on the IPhone. Was a true challenge at the time.


Sexy Poker

WiiWare 2009 - Producer

The port of the Sexy Poker Manga mobile game on WiiWare. Was outsourced at the end of the project for submission.



Mobile 2008 - Producer

Dogz2 was the adaptation for mobile of the Ubisoft title. Specific versions were developed for motion controller able devices and micro billing able carriers.


Virtual Skipper 2

PC 2002 - UI and Tools Programmer

The virtual skipper series is simply the best regata simulation on PC so far, despite it don't have much concurrent.